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Our 2023 Recap: Celebrating a Year of Milestones at INPUT

Everywhere & All Ears: Connecting Ideas and People

The past year has been one for the books at INPUT Communications! From Dubai to Riyadh, Amsterdam to London, and so many places in between, our team was out and about attending the biggest tech, crypto, and fintech events, and connecting great ideas with new opportunities.

Here are just a few of our highlights:

  • Launching a media partnership with the Nordic Blockchain Association, Wow Summit Dubai 2023, and Zebu Live London Web3 Conference
  • Securing a community partnership with ABC Conclave in Dubai
  • Attending marquee industry events like World Blockchain Summit, Cardano Summit 2023, and Amsterdam’s Blockchain Expo Europe

Launching Brands to the Top

One of the achievements from 2023 we’re most proud of? Helping our clients become frontrunners in their sectors, despite the challenging market conditions.

  • Our communication strategy for a major Islamic finance platform brought over 1 billion media impressions, making it one of the most visible projects in the space.
  • Through crafting a targeted investment communications plan, we helped another project secure $500 million in funding: the fuel they needed to drive the next stage of their rapid growth.
  • While crypto markets faced turbulence, INPUT helped two leading crypto exchanges thrive as their competitors were downsizing. Both achieved substantial user acquisition, launched new products, and advanced their platforms.
  • Following our collaboration, an eGaming client rose to become the #1 ranked platform on Polygon.

Right now, we are collaborating with two Layer 2 blockchain projects we believe will shape the future of Web3 scaling solutions. Other new client partnerships in the pipeline show great potential to lead innovation in banking, gaming, fintech, and more in 2024.

Expanding Our Partner Network

Throughout 2023, we’ve forged impactful collaborations with investment funds, VCs, MENA governments, and educational entities, driving regional technological advancement and supporting a wide range of projects.

Cheers to Shuraa, AI & Partners, and Nadmah for joining us this year!

Adding New Regions to Our Map

While strengthening our position in MENA, EU, and US, we’ve also grown into new regions such as Pakistan, India, Indonesia, GCC, and Turkey.

Mary Pedler, Sparking Conversations Across Stages

This year, our Founder Mary Pedler was invited as a speaker and moderator for quite a few major events worldwide. From panels to  fireside chats, Mary helped ignite thought-provoking conversations about frontier technologies.

Some of her appearances included:

  • Moderating the ‘Forging a Blockchain Oasis’ panel at ABC Conclave Dubai 2023
  • Leading the ‘Cognitive Cities’ fireside chat at the World AI Show in Riyadh
  • Moderating a panel on ‘Unveiling Trends in the Blockchain Landscape’ at DATE AI & Fintech Show in Riyadh

Team Triumph: FiNext Award for Excellence in Finance

This December, INPUT was chosen to receive the “Excellence in Finance – Media” award — stay tuned for the official announcement! This recognition validates our team’s hard work and impact in the finance space — which means the world to us.

Peeking Into 2024

We are so grateful you’ve been with us in 2023! As 2024 is literally round the next turn, we can’t wait to write new narratives, unlock new partnerships, and make waves across tech.

Here’s to an amazing new year filled with more groundbreaking milestones! Stay tuned — and Happy New Year!